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Leading the way for professional shooting instructor standards 


About APSI

Formed by the professional shooting community to support professional shooting instructors. 

APSI was established in December 1997 and quickly grew to include the majority of major shooting schools and respected professional shooting instructors. Membership now includes international shooting instructors from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. 


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Membership as an Associate, Member or Fellow gives you access to resources to help demonstrate your experience and qualifications as well as keeping you up-to-date with the professional shooting instructor industry.

Insurance, Health & Safety

Stay up-to-date with the APSI Safety Syllabus and gain your safety certificate.

Coaching Courses

Access high-quality shooting instructor courses to further your knowledge and skills.

British Shooting Sports Council

Become part of the industry council lobbying for fairer shooting legislation.

Meet The Team

The members of the APSI Management Committee have decades of experience and are passionate about upholding standards within the shooting instructor industry.


Guy Field

Owner of Yeaveley Estate & Shooting School, Guy has been a member of the MC since 2002, and is the Vice-Chairman.


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Chris Hanks

Chris is head instructor at Lady’s Wood Shooting School, and has been a member of the APSI Board since 2016.


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Paul Bentley OLY

APSI Chairman Paul was a founding member of APSI in 1997. Trained at Holland Holland SG as a shooting instructor, he represented GB in Olympic Skeet at all levels up to and including the Olympic Games.


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Chrissie Alexander-Davis

An APSI Fellow, Chrissie is one of the most successful GB lady shooters of all time, excelling at English and FITASC Sporting, and representing GB at Olympic Skeet. She has been coaching at the Holland & Holland Shooting Ground for many years.



Trevor Forster

APSI Fellow Trevor Forster began coaching in the 1980s, on the clay ground and in the game field. His talents have been employed by many UK shooting grounds. Gun fitting is a speciality.



Chris Miles

Recently retired from the APSI Treasurer and Secretary positions, Chris has been a Fellow since 1998, having previously been responsible for the organisation and running of BASC coaching courses. Since 2002, he and Paul Bentley have been the main presenters of the highly successful APSI courses. He represents APSI on the BSSC.



Peter Croft OLY

APSI Fellow Peter Croft is one of the founder members of the APSI. He has been a keen gameshooter since 1962 and clay shooter since 1964. He is arguably the most successful Olympic Trap shooter that GB has produced, winning the European Championship in 1980 and representing GB at all levels including the Olympics.



Bruce Marks



Roger Hill

APSI Fellow Roger Hill has been coaching for 30 years and is head coach at Essex and Herts Shooting School.


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Clive Bramley

A recent addition to the APSI Board, for many years Clive was a highly successful member of the GB Olympic Skeet team. Owner of the famous Doveridge Shooting Ground, has now taken over Treasurer responsibilities from Chris Miles.


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