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Welcome to the world of Association of Professional Shooting Instructor training courses!

The first Association of Professional Shooting Instructor training course, now known as the Professional Part One, was created in 2002 by professionals with many years of shooting and coaching experience both in the game field and at the shooting ground. Having gradually evolved over the years, this 4-day course is now widely acknowledged to be one of the finest introductions a nascent shooting instructor can have to the diverse and stimulating world of the shooting coach. In recognition of this, the APSI Pro Part One course is regularly selected by many of the UK’s leading shooting grounds to provide the primary education for their up-and-coming instructors – quite an accolade.

The Professional Part Two modules are the natural progression for those who have completed the Part One course and are aspiring to work full time, whether at the shooting school or as itinerant self-employed coaches.

Whilst the Pro Part One is a standalone course, sufficient for most needs, the Part Two modules extend the topics of that course and explore additional themes to expand the knowledge of the specialist coach.

The Part Two modules may be of two, three or four days, duration.

Gun Fitting Course
A fitted gun represents fine tuning, ensuring the gun points exactly where required without any compensatory adjustments by the shooter. This one-day course explains the process, the equipment involved and offers the opportunity to perform an actual gun fit.

APSI is frequently employed to run this course on behalf of established shooting grounds.

Loaders Course
Loading in the game shooting field requires a set of skills that includes the crucial safety procedures, the loading techniques using single and double guns, and the essential etiquette involved. This one-day course teaches all you need to know.

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