Government Consultation on Firearms Law


Government Consultation on Firearms Law

Posted 9th December 2020

Some of you may be aware that the Government have recently published a consultation document which seeks views on four different aspects of Firearms Law.

Security of High Muzzle Energy Rifles.

Miniature rifle ranges.

Home loading.

Air Weapons.

We are keen that APSI members should read the consultation document and respond. All of the above categories have a bearing on shooting activity, whether you are directly involved or not. I would ask you to bear in mind that for the last Firearms Consultation, mainly relating to Air Weapons, there was apparently a response from 50,000 members of the Cats Protection League.

It is very often a case of ‘weight of post bag’ rather than actual evidence.

Chris Miles – APSI Secretary

Please click on the link below to view the consultation document


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