The following is a list of recommended shooting-related books from across the years. Many are considered classics: some are technical, all are educational and many were written by APSI members! Although some are out of print most are available on-line, second hand from various retailers.


An APSI Honorary Fellow, Ken Davies was Chief Instructor at the Holland & Holland Shooting School for many years, having learned his skills from the great coach, Norman Clarke, himself a protege of Robert Churchill. Ken was one of the very first members of APSI. Now retired, his book remains a classic of the Churchill method of shooting.


APSI Fellow Michael Yardley is an early member of the association, and his excellent gun fitting book is a fine example of Mike’s knowledge and great attention to detail.


Arthur Hearn


Percy Stanbury was chief instructor at the West London Shooting School for many years, and the Stanbury Shooting Method is seen as the alternative to the Churchill Method. Many coaches teach this method.


Robert Churchill was a famous gun maker, ballistics expert and leading shooting coach. The Churchill Shooting Method is taught at the world famous Holland & Holland Shooting School near London.


APSI Fellow, Paul Bentley, is a co-founder of APSI. Like Ken Davies, he learned to coach at the Holland & Holland Shooting School under the great Norman Clarke. An Olympian, he competed for GB in Olympic Skeet.


The late Chris Craddock, an APSI Honorary Fellow, was one of the greats of the shotgun coaching world, and arguably the man who introduced Sporting Clays to the USA.


American Bob Brister’s book contains a mass of excellent technical shooting information. A must-read!


APSI Fellow, Peter Croft, is a co-founder of APSI. A fine all round game and clay shot, he is an Olympian and was a highly successful GB Olympic Trap team member for many years.


APSI Honorary Fellow, John Bidwell, is one of the co-founders of APSI and a multiple world champion in the FITASC Sporting discipline. He employs and teaches the maintained lead method: unusual for Sporting but in his hands highly successful!


Percy Stanbury was not just a fine shotgun shooting coach, he was also a top Sporting clay shot too. Here’s how he did it.


This book traces the development of the gun from the early days of its development. Barrel making, actions, single trigger mechanisms, ejector systems; if you ever want to know some obscure detail of gunmaking, this is the place to find.


Chris Batha is a Fellow of APSI, a highly experienced coach who works worldwide.